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All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute named after V.I.Lenin

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute named after V.I.Lenin" is the leading research center in the Russian Federation that conducts research in the main fields of Electrotechnics and Power Electronics.

All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute named after V.I.Lenin was established in 1921 at the Electrotechnical Laboratory of Moscow Higher Technical School n.a. N.E. Bauman (now MSTU - Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman).

The Institute’s basic activities include research and development of high-voltage technology and equipment, power and electrotechnical facilities, integrated automation systems, electronics for various purposes. Fundamental and applied work in the field of Electrophysics conducted at the Institute helped to create and introduce a large number of developments, many of which are protected by patents, and has received high evaluation internationally.

The Institute’s activities cover the following fields:

  1. Switching and transformer high-voltage equipment
  2. Power semiconductor devices
  3. Conversion equipment
  4. Control systems and automatic control of power equipment
  5. Testing and certification of equipment
  6. Electron-beam and plasma technologies and equipment
  7. Instrumentation and diagnostic equipment
  8. Methods of diagnosing, repairing and extending life of electrical equipment
  9. New electrical insulation materials 
  10. Medical equipment, meteorological instruments and monitoring systems
  11. Ozone equipment and technology
  12. Microwave devices and equipment
  13. Small-scale and alternative power generation

The main technological research fields include:

  1. Technology for transfer, conversion and distribution of electric energy
  2. Small-scale energy technology
  3. Conversion equipment technology
  4. High-voltage technology, electrical insulation
  5. Power semiconductor electronics technology
  6. Electrotechnical equipment using superconducting technology
  7. Microprocessor control system technology
  8. Technology for high-voltage equipment diagnostics
  9. Technology of plasma, microwave and laser devices
  10. Electropulse technology and power supply systems
  11. Nanotechnology

All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute named after V.I.Lenin cooperates with more than 40 Russian and CIS enterprises and universities, as well as those of Germany, Israel, Italy, Spain, Korea, Netherlands, Syria and the USA. The Institute is a member of several international organizations such as CIGRE, IEC, STK, IEEE.

The Institute’s Departments include:

  • Shared services center “Experimentation Center of All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute named after V.I.Lenin” – the only state center for testing high-voltage electrical equipment in Russia;
  • Research and Engineering Center for High-Voltage Technics – conducts research in the field of high-voltage equipment, commutation and safety devices, ozone producing facilities;
  • Research and Engineering Center for Testing Electrotechnical Equipment is involved in testing high-voltage equipment and research in the field;
  • Research and Engineering Center for Power Semiconductor Devices;
  • Research and Engineering Center for Development of Sets of Electrical Equipment and Power Systems Automation;
  • Research and Engineering Center for Electrotechnical Electronic Systems;
  • Research and Engineering Center for Power Electronics.

Contact details:

12 Krasnokazarmennaya St.
Moscow 111250, Russia
Tel.: +7 (495) 361-9102, +7 (495) 361-9132
Fax: +7(495) 362-5124
E-mail: udk@vei.ru
Website: http://www.vei.ru/

International Relations Department
Tel.: +7 (495) 362-5617

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