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North-West Engineering Corporation, CJSC

North-West Engineering Corporation, CJSC (NWEC) is a modern Russian engineering company combining the group of experts on design and exploration works with the considerable experience in fuel-and-power sector of Russia, CIS and far-abroad countries.

NWEC is entitled to perform activities on structural engineering, apart from structures of seasonal and auxiliary purpose, for construction on the territories falling within II category of complexity by their engineering and geological conditions (specific soils, seismicity of 8 points and other natural processes).

Main activities:

  • designing and reconstruction of TPP of any complexity level;
  • designing of individual heating units;
  • designing of heat and gas supply systems;
  • designing of heating and ventilation systems;
  • development of general layout;
  • execution general designer′s functions;
  • designing and reconstruction of boiler-houses (oil fuel, gas, solid fuel);
  • designing of automated control systems of mechanisms, complexes and processes, including top-level Automated Process Control Systems;
  • designing of water supply and sewerage systems;
  • designing of electric power supply up to 110 kV inclusive;
  • preparation of cost estimate documentation.

NWEC also renders the engineering services to enterprises and organizations, namely:

  • drawing-up of initial permits, licenses, approvals;
  • development of investment intentions and feasibility studies in construction;
  • selection and delivery of equipment;
  • development of tender documents for bidding;
  • designer supervision at construction of thermal power objects and installation of equipment.

Contact details:
Address: room 19Н, 25, lit. В, ul. Krasnogo Kursanta, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: 8 (812) 333-36-01
Fax: 8 (812) 333-36-00
E-mail: v_kalinin@nwenco.ru, office@nwenco.ru
Web-site: http://www.nwenco.ru/en/ 

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