Which science field has the most promising future?

Computer science
Aerospace engineering
Ecology, resource saving

What is the mankind's most dangerous invention?

Atomic bomb
Fast food

Advanced Energy Saving Technologies, LLC

Advanced Energy Saving Technologies LLC designs power efficient engines for city cars, buses and agricultural machines. As soon as R&D works carried out at the company are accomplished, Advanced Energy Saving Technologies LLC will be ready to install disel-powered electrical installations and fully electric propulsion systems to the vehicles up to 3.5 tones in mass. At the moment, the company is at the early stage of its development, with the team counting 5 employees. The company has established business relations with major industrial enterprises.

Contact details:

Address: 5, 3rd International Street, office 80, Vologda 160009, Russia
Contact person: Vyacheslav Rakov, Chief Engineer
Cell phone: +7 (911) 502-1586
e-mail: pet_vologda@mail.ru

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