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Atomic bomb
Fast food

International Cooperation

Throughout its history Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University has established partnerships with around 150 leading Institutions of higher learning from the USA, Germany, France, Finland, China, Singapore, South Korea and other countries around the world. Within the framework of an international cooperation program our University carries out the following activities:

  • Co-research conducting
  • Student and teaching staff exchange
  • Joint academic program development

Our University is a member of International Universities Association, Netherlands Organization of International Cooperation in Higher Learning and Saint Petersburg International Universities Consortium. Professors from more than 30 leading Universities all over the world are presently honorary Doctors of SPbSPU.

The Polytechnical University occupies one of the top positions among Russian institutions of higher learning participating in international academic projects. At present SPbSPU cooperates with more than 60 universities from all over the world.

The University takes part in a number of European academic projects, among them: TEMPUS/TASIS, BISTRO, COPERNICUS, INTAS, NORDIC and others, as well as collaborating with international research centers and industrial companies. Within the framework of this program the University runs the scientific research and training centers of "Motorola", "Hewlett Packard" and "Intel" companies, as well as Open Library Systems Center.

SPbSPU also contributes to work of world leading organizations in the following spheres: hydraulics (MAGI), electric networks (SIGRE) and dam engineering (SIGB). Our University also has an important role in International Institute of Welding, International Organization of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, International Organization of Automotive Management and International Power Academy.

International programs, funds and projects where SPbSTU participates:

Financing organization
Name of the project
NATO SFP №974354
Development of technology and software for plating carbon diamond-like film in large reactors
CRDF, RE2-2404 ST-02
High-power solenoids for strong magnetic fields; concept, calculation, simulation
CRDF RP1-2345-ST-02
Transport of spin-polarized electrons and their emission from new stretched nanostructures with high valence band splitting
CRDF RE2 2530 ST 03
New argentiferous glass for GRIN lenses by means of non-toxic ion-exchange technology
CRDF RBO-1286 (2)-ST-03
Dynamics of fruit fly gene segmentation
CRDF RMO 1323 (2)-ST-02
Space-time infrastructure for high efficiency calculations in Europe
CRDF RUB2-1444 ST-04
Back-scattering in multimode optical fiber
CRDF REO-1232A-ST-02
Improvement of eddy-current instruments for downhole control
TEMPUS UM_JEP-222254-2001.
Corporate management of electronic document delivery
TEMPUS TACIS JEPРег. № CD JEP 21188-2000
Development of teaching programs for quality control and environmental protection
Russian-Finnish technology cooperation in environmental protection
Pre-cleaning and safe utilization of solid urban waste and wastewater mud for environmental protection
INCO FP6-516732
Management of dumps environmental risk in seismic active regions of the CIS countries
Karlsruhe Research Center grant
№ 315/20162339/IHM
Investigations of methods for suppressing parasitic low frequency oscillations in an operating gyrotron by using non uniform fields in the compression region.
INTAS-01-0457, 2002-2004
Simulating of tokamak edge plasma by means of two-dimensional code.
INTAS-01-2956, 2002-2004
Plasma turbulence
INTAS 03-51-4561
Development and production of solar cells by means of copper-indium chalcogenide compounds and conductive polymers
INTAS 03-51-3861
Increase of gyrotron efficiency by directed electron jet

IBRD National Training Fund
System of open access to educational information resources in distributed university library network
IBRD National Training Fund
№ E/A.37/00
State evaluation and quality control in higher education institutions
Federal target program “Integration of science and higher education of Russia for 2002-2006”
International research and educational courses in applied physics and telecommunications
Nordic Grant Scheme
Intercollegiate technology cooperation in environmental protection
DAAD (Programs of Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst)
Scholarships and prizes grants
LG Cab. Lab.

Vice-Rector for Academic and International Relations
Dmitry G. Arseniev
Phone: +7 (812) 534-10-01
Fax: +7 (812) 534-13-65
E-mail: imop@imop.spbstu.ru

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