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St. Petersburg Polytechnical University is acknowledged as the National Research University of Russia.

In 2007-2008 the University received significant financial support from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation as one of the winners of the contest for institutions of higher education aspiring for state support in innovation educational programs. The University ranked the 5th of the 40 winners in the innovation potential. The two-year innovation educational program was assigned 776 mln rubles.

The innovation program was to develop polytechnical system of advanced engineering and scientific personnel training in the priority fields. It involved 4 interrelated innovation projects:

  1. Innovation educational technologies and information infrastructure of the polytechnical training system. This project was strategic for the program: it provided innovation infrastructure for new trends of personnel training for the priority science fields and competitive products.
  2. Materials, nanomaterials and chemical technologies. The project established the platform for joint research together with the Academy of Sciences Institutes, leading universities and businesses in the field of promising technologies of production and treatment of various materials.
  3. Eenergy-saving technologies. The project developed material and technical as well as methodological resources for training and re-training of experts in energy saving, energy-environment monitoring and energy-efficient technologies; created conditions for serious R&D projects.
  4. Manufacturing technologies in machine building. The project was oriented at the development of material resources and provided wide application of up-to-date IT of design, production and maintenance of scientific products in the process of personnel training.

As a result of the innovation program implementation two unique departments have been established – Materials and Technologies Research Institute and Research Institute for Power Engineering, Ecology and Nanobiotechnologies.

Today the Polytechnical university has highly skilled personnel and up-to-date equipment for the following fields:

  • Information and communication technologies and computer engineering
  • Nanomaterials, nanotechnologies and nanobiotechnologies
  • Power engineering and energy saving
  • Machine building

Contact details:

Acting vice-rector for perspective projects
Aleksey I. Borovkov
21, Tikhoretsky pr., St.Petersburg, 194064 Russia
Tel./Fax: +7 (812) 552-7395
E-mail: vicerector.ap@spbstu.ru

Patents. SPbSPU offers the following patents for consideration of innovation, manufacturing and venture organizations: 

Patent № 2224045. Authors А.М. Parshin and others.
Austenic corrosion resistant steel
Patent № 2241200. Author А.G. Semenov, Faculty of wheeled and caterpillar machines.
Shooting target plant.
Patent № 2241199. Author А.G. Semenov, Faculty of wheeled and caterpillar machines.
Thermal target for practical shooting.
Patent № 2229143. Authors Y.A. Polonsky and others
Diagnosis of frame insulation
Patent № 2228565. Authors S.V. Kozyrev and others
Radio-absorbing coating
Patent № 2196699. Author S.G. Dmitrenko
Reduction in liquid pressure fluctuation level in the flow washing the object
Patent № 2193762. Authors V.N. Kozlov, S.N. Chulin. Faculty of systems analysis and control
Force sensor
Patent № 2165102. Authors V.N. Kozlov, B.I. Morozov. Faculty of systems analysis and control
Graphic information converter.
Patent № 212531. Author G.N. Aleksandrov, Faculty of electric and electronic devices.
Controlled shunt reactor for electric power systems for compensation of excess reactivity, voltage control and overvoltage limitation
Patent № 2131579. Author А.G. Semenov, Faculty of wheeled and caterpillar machines.
Bullets for smooth-bore weapons, mainly for hunting guns.
Patent № 2151365. Author А.G. Semenov, Faculty of wheeled and caterpillar machines.
Cartridges for smooth-bore weapons, mainly for hunting guns.
Patent № 2084065. Authors V.A. Izotov, V.V. Fetisov and others
Plant for equal current distribution of dc machines of independent or shunted excitation
Patent № 2121525. Author V.G. Polyanchukov
Corrosion resistance of machine inner metal surfaces in the acid environment
Patent № 2130579. Author А.G. Semenov, Faculty of wheeled and caterpillar machines.
Cumulative pyrotechnical unit
Patent № 2130580. Author А.G. Semenov, Faculty of wheeled and caterpillar machines.
Cumulative ammunition
Patent № 2138005. Author А.G. Semenov, Faculty of wheeled and caterpillar machines.
Cumulative ammunition establishment
Patent № 2135648. Authors V.F. Masterov, A.V. Prihodko and others
Production of crystalline fullerenes

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