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Computer science
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Atomic bomb
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MIPT specialists endeavor to form certain environment in order to promote investment activity in Russia.

MIPT Innovation Center – institute department meant for creation and development of innovative infrastructure within Physics and Technology faculty. The center develops several basic activities.

It implies holding various training events, both mass or single-functioned (e.g. those for business-plan drawing in order to present it to investment funds), and master-class arrangement with people successful in different spheres taking part.

MIPT research work financing
Monitoring of all the contests, auctions, inquiries and quotations under state-guaranteed order, concerning MIPT and its departments operation. Search and engagement of new partners, interested in joint projects implementation.

Promotion of innovative projects in early stages (seed stage)
Assistance in resource attraction necessary for the project implementation. At present several finance attraction sources have been found and we have positive examples. Organization and holding the contests of innovative projects in different stages in order to stimulate the interest and develop potential of young businessmen.

Small innovative companies support (start-ups)
Supervision of smaller innovative companies in research and technology. Supervision of innovative companies during the fundraising stage, e.g. interaction with Rusnano.

One of the Innovative Center duties is supervision of MIPT Competence center for high-performance computing and clustering technologies.

The Innovative Center is ready to cooperate and invites all the concerned parties to take part in the projects implementation.

List of Services

MIPT Training research-and-production complex (MIPT TRPC)

This state educational institution, non-commercial organization, renders services of additional education, makes researches by quantities, provides telematic services and data transfer services.

Research works carried out within MIPT TRPC are invested by the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Researches, the Ministry of Science and Technologies of Russia, Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation and the largest Russian research centers and companies.

Center of Open Systems and High Technologies (COSHT)
The Center was found on the basis of MIPT Information System Laboratory in order to carry out investigations and develop technologies in the sphere of information systems, databases and mathematic simulation.

Basic research and technology activities of MIPT COSHT include development of:

  • enterprise-wide information systems for production control in aircraft, and aerotechnics limit-life support systems;
  • portal solutions for the governmental and commercial organizations;
  • mathematic simulation of complicated systems, signal processing, system recognition, programming technologies (including CORBA, Java, Web Services);
  • Petri nets theory, their application in management of distributed computing complexes and single-purpose systems;
  • Load balancing analysis and management of complicated distributed systems based on Sun Grid Evironment and The Globus Project; 
  • image processing concerning the remote sounding of the Earth surface and television viewing system for the promising robot systems;
  • technical documents management systems based on XML/XSLT technologies and organization of official document workflow based upon them;
  • expert systems based on XML/XSLT technologies. 

The MIPT COSHT carries out research for development work on Petri nets theory and applications. In 2000-2003 a project on application of original strategies for new means of quick applet development in the layered “client – server” architecture was launched. The system for dynamic processes imitative simulation based on conventional and colored Petri nets was realized within the multi-layered client-server architecture.

Such companies as Sun Microsystems, IBM division Informix Software, HPS company (Austria), FatWire Software Company are among COSHT partners.

The works granted by the Russian Fund of Federal Property and in the framework of Ministry of Education program are as follows:

  1. «Development of information and analytic complex in order to study Petri nets and simulation of distributed computing processes on their base»
  2. «3D scene reconstruction on the basis of images received by real optical systems»

In 2003 mastering of portal architecture Sun Java enterprise System and its application during portal solutions elaboration for the governmental bodies, municipal and local authorities, commercial and non-commercial organizations was launched.

The project concerning creation of educational portal for Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous national area – Yugra www.eduhmao.ru was executed. It was based on Sun ONE technology (Sun Microsystems company) and content management system Spark pCM (FatWire company).

The web-portal for Java designers www.javagu.ru. was created and is backed up supported by the Russian agency of Sun Microsystems.

MIPT modern IT center

Main lines of activity of IBM CT:

  • Teaching IBM technologies to the students, postgraduates and MIPT teachers
  • Management of commercial projects
  • Development and demonstration of efficient solutions based on IBM technologies
  • Organization and holding of the fee-paying training courses for organizations, managing projects according to the Center subject
  • Keeping in touch with IBM business-partners, employment of IBM technologies experts

The following engineering currents are developed within the Center:

  • Application System/400 (AS/400) servers and their application
  • Machine languages Java and Smalltalk
  • Development kit family Visual Age
  • Groupware means - Lotus Notes (Domino)
  • Network station and Java-stations

The modern server platform IBM AS/400 is under special reference.

Contact information:

Vice-Rector, Science and Innovations
Aleksandr A. Muravyov
Tel. +7 (495) 408-87-81


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