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Medbiopharm, Innovative Company

Medbiopharm is a Russian company specializing in development and implementation of innovative ideas in health care.

Medbiopharm is constantly introducing promising products to the market, as a contribution to improvement of population′s life quality.

Spheres of business:

  1. Pharmacy. Development and overall investigation of new drug substances aimed at manufacturing medications against endocrine, cardio-vascular, oncological, allergic diseases, virusis and hemopathy.
  2. Therapeutic meals. The company specializes in development of functional food supplements fortifying ordinary food with micronutrients of iodine, selenium, iron. The company experts are constantly developing methods for complex prevention of micronutrient insufficiency, with due regard to interaction of elements.
    Another company profile is development of products improving body defences: antioxidants, immunomodulators, vitamines, carotenoids, pre-biotic.
  3. Cosmetology. Medbiopharm experts have developed therapeutic substances ordered to be included in all types of cosmetics using natural raw materials exclusively taken from pristine areas.
  4. Medical purpose articles. The company is implementing a project on introduction of advanced methods of express-diagnostics based on immunochromatography analysis. This method combines high diagnostics sensitivity with easy management of analysis results, which enables visual estimation of diagnostically significant substances concentration in the human body within several minutes.
  5. Veterinary medicine

Medbiopharm Innovative Company is currently implementing 3 socially significant projects:

  • "Milk for school" program. The company acts as supplier of food supplement «Iodine caseine», proved as most efficient and safe remedy for conditions of iodine insufficicency. E-mail: razvitie@medbiopharm.ru
  • "Drug-testing systems" project. E-mail: project@medbiopharm.ru
  • "Blue-collar Catering" program is targeted at strengthening health and carring out preventive health care by people exposed to harmful labor conditions. Acting as supplier of functional food supplements ("Iodine casein", "Selexen»", "Flavotsen"), Medbiopharm participates in this project together with large enterprises, manufacturers of food-stuff. E-mail: fanna@medbiopharm.ru

Contact information

Mailing address
3, Kiev Highway, 249031 Obninsk, Kaluga Region, Russia 
Tel.: +7 (48439) 9-71-68, 9-72-58, 9-73-38, (495) 956-07-54
E-mail: medbiopharm@medbiopharm.ru

Promotion and Marketing Department
Tel./fax: +7 (48439) 59-222, 66-815, +7 (495) 956-0754
E-mail: promotion@medbiopharm.ru

Scientific and Methodical Support Service
Tel.: +7 (48439) 68-192, +7 (495) 956-0754
E-mail: onmo@medbiopharm.ru  

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