Which science field has the most promising future?

Computer science
Aerospace engineering
Ecology, resource saving

What is the mankind's most dangerous invention?

Atomic bomb
Fast food


MAI is the leading Russian university for aviation, rocket engineering and cosmonautics.

The main mission of the MAI research activity is to carry out fundamental and applied research in 19 fields. The main trends are aviation, rocket engineering, transport, information and telecommunication systems, power engineering and energy saving. MAI researchers actively participate in the creation of the Global Navigation Satellite System, nanotechnologies development for aerospace industry.

For the past 5 years professors and employees of the institute have received 6 prizes of the Government of the Russian Federation and more than 450 prizes at various international and Russian exhibitions and contests. Over 3000 of MAI students participate in the research activity of the Institute.

Research departments:

  • MAI NanoCenter – the center for nanomaterials and nanotechnologies equipment
    Yury A. Ryzhov, Head of Department
  • Branch special development department of experimental aircraft engineering
    Vadim Y. Demin, Chief Engineer
  • Research and production department for computing engineering and science
    Yury E. Okatov, Chief Manager
  • Research and development center of new technologies
    Aleksandr V. Karpyshev, Chief Manager
  • MAI research and education running center
    B.V. Boitsov
  • Research and education association “Composite materials and constructions”
    G.A. Molodtsov
  • “Search” laboratory
  • “Pokolenie” research center
    V.E. Usachev
  • Research laboratory for control automation
    E.I. Shol
  • IT research laboratory
    V.I. Lopatin
  • Wind power engineering department
    V.A. Dobrovolsky
  • Applied research department
    A.A. Temeev
  • “Astra” central research laboratory
    G.V. Malyshev
  • R&D Bureau
    V.T. Khvan
  • Research center for ultra wideband technologies
    I.Y. Immoreev
  • Research and production center for aerospace geoinformation systems
    N.A. Maksimov
  • “Podyem” research and production department
    V.A. Kolosov
  • Research center for conversion and technology transfer
    v. A. Glukhov
  • Research center for mechatronic technologies in automated control systems
    B.N. Popov
  • Center of light aviation
    A.M. Matveenko

Vice-Rector for Research and Development
Vyacheslav A. Shevtsov
Doctor of Technical Sciences
Recipient of the State Prize for Science and Technology
Member of the International Academy of Sciences for Information, Process and Technology
Tel: +7 499 158-13-43

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