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Siberian Research Institute of Plant Breeding and Selection

State Scientific Institution Siberian Research Institute of Plant Breeding and Selection of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences began its history in 1926, when Central Siberian Regional Agricultural Research Station was set up. Here research on spring and winter wheat, winter rye, oats, barley, legumes, forage grasses, buckwheat, flax, potatoes was conducted.

Today, the main areas of the Research Institute’s work are:

  • collection, preservation and study of plant resources of Siberia and the Far East, creation of the gene pool of plants for use in the selection;
  • study of patterns of inheritance of the basic economic and biologically significant features and characteristics of plants, development of selective genetic methods to accelerate the selection process and make it more efficient, improve the methods of the selection process optimization;
  • creation of new high-yielding, adaptive and high-quality varieties and hybrids of major crops, their reproduction and introduction into production, development of cultivar agrotechnics;
  • production of the original seeds of the varieties bread by the Institute;
  • training of top-qualification personnel.

Basing on the theoretical evidence and the use of Siberian gene pool of crops the Institute created and entered into the State Register of Selection Achievements 130 varieties of grain crops, legumes, cereals, forage crops, vegetables and potatoes. 76 protective documents - patents for breeding achievements were received.

Contact information:
Address: POB 375, Krasnoobsk Settlement, 630501 Novosibirsk region., Russia
Phone: +7 (383) 348-63-72, (383) 348-08-83, (383) 348-53-13
E-mail: sibniirs@bk.ru
Website: http://www.sibniirs.ru/ 

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