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Atomic bomb
Fast food


The company “QvadroS-Bio” offers complete solutions for biological sample storage, including hardware, software and consumables:

  • Automated biological sample storage systems LiCONiC from -80 º C to +4 º C
  • FreezerPro software for record keeping and identification of samples for small and large laboratories
  • 2D barcoded cryo tubes FluidX from 80 mcl to 8 ml with
  • Zebra printers and labels
  • 1D and 2D barcode scanners FluidX
  • Automated device for opening and closing tubes FluidX
  • Automated plate sealer FluidX
  • Biomatrica reagents for biological sample storage at room temperature
  • Automated incubators LiCONiC from -20 º C to +70 º C
  • EzColony software for efficient management of vivariums of any scale.

The whole range of QvadroS-Bio products is aimed at ensuring the stability, security and convenience of biological samples storage.

Highly qualified QvadroS-Bio team, with extensive knowledge and experience in biological sample storage, will consult on all issues and find the best solution for the customer, itemize and offer the necessary consumables and equipment to meet the customer’s requirements.

Certified service engineers trained at manufacturers’ enterprises will install the equipment, train employees, and provide quality technical support, warranty and after sales service.

Contact information:
Address: 29, build. 4, Petrovsko-Razumovsky passage, Moscow 127287, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 981-80-35
E-mail: info@qvadrosbio.ru
Website: http://www.qvadrosbio.ru

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