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Computer science
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Ecology, resource saving

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Atomic bomb
Fast food


Since 1995 Diod is a vertically integrated holding producing nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, active cosmetics and health equipment for home use.

Diod is the world leading producer of dihydroquercetine – one of most active antioxidants of natural origin. Dihydroquercetin is widely used in production of nutritional supplements, drugs, cosmetics and food additives.

The flag brands of the company are Capilar, Arthro-Active, Phase 2, Stella and Viardo.

Company’s strategy stipulates substantial expansion in the pharmaceutical market due to building of a new pharmaceutical plant with partnership with one of world leaders in substances production, launch of medical nutrition and commercialization of biotechnological developments.

Contact details:
Address: 11 Derbenevskaya st, Moscow Russia 115114
Phone: + 7 (499) 235 21 51
Fax: + 7 (499) 235 21 51
E-mail: investor@diod.ru
Web-site: http://ir.diod.ru/

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