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Littoral - a university-based innovation company founded in 1996 - manufactures healthy nutrition based on brown seaweed (kelp, fucus) and ground herbs using their own original formulations.

Today the company is one of the leading research and production centers in the Northwestern Region, occupying a prominent place in the nutraceutical market in Russia.

Littoral produces biologically active additives, condiments and balms, natural massage oils, and vitamin and mineral supplements for animals. The product range includes about 200 items. Formulations and technologies are protected under a patent of the Russian Federation. Harmlessness and effectiveness of biologically active additives are supported by clinical research at the leading medical institutions in St. Petersburg.

There is a strong demand for Littoral’s biologically active additives not only in Russia but also in Estonia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.

Littoral is the founder of the Association of Russian developers and manufacturers of biologically active additives.

Contact information:
Address: 1, build.2, Uralskaya St., St. Petersburg 199155, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 350-50-00, 350-50-10
Website: http://www.littoral.ru 

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