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KEG is a certified manufacturer of equipment for high-pressure cleaning of pipelines and sewers. The company produces cleaning and penetrating nozzles, floor cleaners, chain cutters and inspection camera systems.

Many of KEG’s products have been patented and have better hydrodynamic properties than similar products on the market.

Over recent years, KEG, together with its partners - the German universities - has developed a number of innovative products and solutions:

  • new attachments for hydrodynamic cleaning pipes with optimization of water flow direction in the nozzle body;
  • "seeing" nozzle to monitor and optimize the cleaning process using a wireless camera;
  • new solutions for abrasive waterjet cutting at relatively low pressures to remove contamination from impenetrable sewers and pipelines.

To date, these know-hows are used in sewer enterprises all around the world - from America to Japan, from the UK to South Africa.

KEG products:

  • Cameras / inspection devices. The company has developed camera system that enables simultaneous implementation of pipeline cleaning and teleinspection.
  • Nozzles: royal nozzle, torpedo nozzle, floor cleaner, traction nozzle, pipe and water treatment nozzles.
  • Chain cutters: Hummingbird cutter, mini chain cutter, cutter Super Plus, cutter DN 200.
  • Control devices and equipment
  • Accessory components

Contact information:
Tel: +7 10 49 173 567 5435
E-mail: n.s@keg-pipe.com
Website: http://www.keg-pipe.com  

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