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Ecowave Technology

ECOWAVE is a dynamically developing company, the leader in the Russian market for emergency protection of pipelines and equipment. ECOWAVE technologies help attaining the highest level of economic efficiency while complying with the strictest environmental and industrial safety standards.

ECOWAVE Technologies Company presents the new emergency protection technology for pipelines and equipment – pressure stabilizers (PS) designed for use in the pipeline systems with 10 to 1,200-mm diameters and operating pressure up to 20 MPa.

Use of PS′s provides a phase shift and suppression of wave and vibration processes both in the emergency and normal operation modes by 5 to 10 times. In addition, introduction of PS′s lowers by several times the internal corrosion rate at the points where fatigue stresses concentrate which extends service life even for badly worn out pipelines by 1.5 to 2 times. PS′s make it possible to diminish the overall breakdown rate for pipelines and equipment by 85% as well as reduce financial losses due to the accident consequence elimination.

Introduction of the wave stabilization allows to cut operating costs and replace worn-out pipeline systems in a scheduled manner which is substantially cheaper than any emergency replacement.

PS′s are distinguished from other similar purpose devices by their rapid response speed (under 0.005 seconds); no power supply needs, ease of installation and operation (PS′s are just cut into a pipeline and need no technical maintenance during their service life); absence of any adjustments or controls, minimizing equipment service costs; they cause no operating medium losses.

Each ECOWAVE technical solution is based on utilizing latest scientific developments. The company provides individual solutions depending on the industry specifics and particulars of the Clients′ facilities. 

Contact details:
Address: 1 Pakgauznoe Hgwy, Moscow, 125438, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 234 2346
E-mail: eco@ecowave.ru
Web-Site: http://www.ecowave.ru/en/

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