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Atomic bomb
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Volga Innovation Company

The Volga Innovation Company’s sphere of interest is the alternative energy from renewable energy sources.

The firm has experience in the installation of solar and wind solar power plants in the Southern Federal District of Russia, as well as in the installation of solar power systems used for heating and hot water supply in private cottages.

The company is also engaged in development of new products based on renewable energy.

Volga Innovation Company products include:

  • solar installations;
  • wind turbines;
  • heat pumps used to extract geothermal energy from the ground;
  • autonomous hybrid street lamps for parks, equipped with a wind turbine, solar panels and power outlet for charging mobile devices and laptops.

Contact information:
Address: 45/1 Pushkin St., office 2.21, Volzhsky 404112, Volgograd Region, Russia
Phone: +7 (937) 715-95-42, +7 (961) 680-53-24
E-mail: jasulan@bk.ru
Website: http://vic34.ru 

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