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Ecobios Research and Production Company

Ecobios Research and Production Company was founded in 1991 to create and implement author’s technology developments aimed to increase the popularity of efficient water management and the reduction of negative human impact on the environment. The company’s activities are focused on implementation of innovation to solve the problems of water conservation, environmental management, development of technology and equipment for waste and drinking water treatment, production of biological preparations for restoration of damaged human microflora.

Ecobios offers:

  • Technologies and equipment for drinking water treatment under existing quality standards.
  • Manufacture and supply of block-module stations for potable water treatment for small- and medium-capacity facilities from 5 to 5,000 m3 per day, including water cleaning and disinfection blocks.
  • Development of technology and projects for reconstruction of existing water and wastewater treatment facilities with capacity from 500 to 50,000 m3 per day.
  • Design, manufacture, supply and commissioning of ready-to-operate block structures for deep waste water treatment to meet the requirements to the discharge into the reservoir with capacity from 50 to 500 m3 per day.
  • Design, production and industrialization of the construction of sewage treatment facilities with capacity from 500 to 5,000 m3 per day.
  • Technology for treatment of soil, oil sludge and water reservoirs from hydrocarbon contamination using technological methods.
  • Services for environmental regulation and monitoring (development of the sections of EIA, drafts of MPE, MPD, WGDLB, water licenses).
  • Environmental consulting.
  • Environmentally safe method for studying connectivity of benches and wellsites in oil and gas extraction.
  • Biotechnology for enhancing component recovery of oil and gas fields.
  • Biological food supplements made from natural food substrate by using elite strain of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.
  • Distribution of health food products, household filters for water purification.
  • Comprehensive legal service contracts.
  • Studies of the chemical composition and contamination of water, soil, etc.

Ecobios technologies can be used in enterprises of gas, oil, chemical, food and other industries, in cultural-health and hospital complexes, small towns and settlements, etc.

The firm has gained unique experience in building technology and equipment for the treatment of industrial waste waters of the oil and gas enterprises, experts have developed a conceptual approach to the rational water consumption at the facilities of the fuel and energy complex of Russia. This area of the company’s activities includes development of innovative technology, design, manufacture of the author’s equipment, commissioning during the construction of new and modernization of existing wastewater treatment facilities.

Ecobios has unique authoring, including those created specifically for Orenburg Region and meant for significant reduction in the consumption of process water from the Ural River, return to agricultural land-use previously lost farm lands, reduction of the amount of wastewater pumped into the lost circulation horizons.

The authoring technology “Trofactor” ® used for deep biological treatment of domestic waste water in the technological scheme of canalization treatment facilities is an intense, economical and stable biological way to clean water. At the core of the technology are such natural processes as the succession of micro-organisms, trophic hydrobiont chain and adhesion. This biotechnology allows for such a natural phenomenon as self-cleaning of reservoirs.

Application of Trofactor® biotechnology offers the following advantages compared to the traditional biological treatment of waste water in aeration tanks:

  • reducing the amount of excess sludge 5-7 times;
  • improving the sedimentation properties of the activated sludge due to increased ash content of immobilized activated sludge;
  • reducing the removal of suspended solids and thus a reduction of BOD of the effluent;
  • excluding from the scheme of pumping equipment to pump the recycled sludge, no need for constant monitoring of the sludge dose and sludge index in construction.

The developed methods and the wastewater treatment plants used in the Trofactor technology have been patented in Russia, France, Italy, UK, Germany, India, Austria, Hungary and Romania.

Ecobios Research and Production Company is one of the leaders in Russia to introduce authoring and traditional technologies and equipment to deal with environmental problems, which is evidenced by 60 pieces of industrial intellectual property, including patents for invention of Russia and 10 other countries, USSR author′s certificates of invention, certificates for trademarks, Russian utility model patents, etc.

Contact information:
Address: 1 Kobozeva St./ 11 Kazarmenny Pereoulok, Orenburg 460014, Russia
Phone: +7 (3532) 37-18-34, (3532) 37-26-46
E-mail: ecobios@rambler.ru, ecobios2@rambler.ru
Website: http://www.ecobios.ru 

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