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Innovation Company "Acoustic Institute"

The company “Acoustic Institute” was founded by a group of professionals working in the field of innovative media technologies. The company is mainly involved in design, manufacture and installation of complex audio and video systems.

The company uses its own developments and unique inventions to unveil its own high-quality Hi-Fi/Hi-End products under the brand “Acoustic Institute”. The company produces a wide range of products from small home audio systems to the most powerful audio and video systems for professional theaters. Special attention is paid to the development of top-class products for connoisseurs of absolute quality.

The companie’s developments are based on such unique inventions as counter aperture principle of sound production and “Realistic Black” technology, designed by Acoustic Institute engineers for acrylic projection screens “Acoustic Institute Realistic Black Screen”.

“Acoustic Institute” develops and installs acoustic design projects both implying non-standard acoustic conditions, and with special requirements for zoning and sound quality.

Acoustic Institute products:

  • Acoustic systems built using counter aperture principle of sound production: Anaconda, Clavier, Caiman, Nemo, Bat, Chorale, Cabinet, Bugs, Pro, Cinema
  • Acrylic projection screens “Realistic Black” that ensure increased realism
  • Media centers
  • Professional amplifiers
  • Commutation
  • High quality cables and connectors to build sound reinforcement systems

Some of the company’s own technical solutions are used in product manufacturing:

Counter aperture principle

In the course of long-term research in behavior of the source of acoustic vibrations in different acoustic conditions, conducted in the laboratory of Andreyev Acoustics Institute, a unique solution was found to overcome physical limitations of the acoustic systems of front design, which have long been considered insurmountable. The solution was simple - to direct the dynamic heads not on the listener, but to each other. The invention has been called counter aperture principle of sound production.

The copyright for this invention was protected under patents and certificates of authorship.

The results of measurements of acoustic systems built using counter aperture principle are impressive: high uniformity of the sound field, excellent frequency and dynamic performance, tolerance to acoustical defects in the room where the sound system is installed, etc.

Increased-realism screen “Realistic Black Screen”

This latest development of Acoustic Institute engineers is the patent matter. The revolutionary approach to new screens is the optical transformation - destruction of the pixel nature of the image while preserving image sharpness.

Realistic Black Screen are dark gray, which improves contrast and allows their use in brownout conditions. The result is a realistic picture on the big screen, which is nice to look at, even at close range.

Media centers

The uniqueness of the new approach for the first time ever allows reproducing sound in real quality unattached to acoustic source, which opens new opportunities throughout the audio industry. The company′s specialists have learned to reproduce a recorded or amplified sound with holographic accuracy, preserving the character of the acoustic environment, where the sound has been recorded, or modeling a completely new environment with the preset characteristics.

Contact information:
Address: 60/2 Shchepkina St., Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 772-27-95
E-mail: pro@acousticinstitute.com , music@acousticinstitute.com
Office in St. Petersburg:
Phone: +7-953-153-70-62
E-mail: piter@acousticinstitute.com
Website: http://www.acousticinstitute.com  

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