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Biotroph LLC is a Russian biotech research and production company, founded in 1999. The company develops and manufactures microbiological additives for feed digestion and storage, as well as for feeding farm animals and birds.

The company produces on a commercial scale series of probiotics and silage ferments, which successfully passed laboratory and production tests, were certified in the Russian Federation and are used in almost all regions of Russia and CIS countries.

Biotroph products:

  • Preparations for fodder conservation: microbiological preparation for silage “Biotroph”, new type preparation for silage of any grass and maize “Biotroph-111” and a specialized preparation for preserving rolled grain “Biotroph-600.”
  • Preparations that increase efficiency of fodder digestion in the digestive tract of farm animals: enzymatic probiotic “Cellobacterin” and its more modern counterpart - thermostable form “Cellobacterin-T”. The latest developments of the company - the new type preparations “Mix-Oil” and “Provitol”- include a special handpicked collection of natural essential oils having various antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Preparations for reduction of ammonia concentration and acceleration of manure decompositionAgrotroph” is a set of useful bacteria for cleansing the livestock confinement units.
  • Electrical thermal probe to measure the temperature of green and rolled grain in storage areas (ditches, abatis).
  • Sampling drill for sampling silage, haylage, grain haylage from ditches.
  • Dosing pump designed to inject liquid chemical preservatives and bacterial ferments for fodder conservation.

In addition, Biotroph performs research in the following areas:

  • Molecular genetic studies of microflora in different habitats and substrates:

               – Study of microbial communities in the gastrointestinal tract of farm animals (ruminants’ tripe, intestine of poultry and pigs);
               – Identification of microorganisms by sequencing and PCR.

  • Development of technologies for recovery and recycling of waste in food industry and agriculture:

               – Brewing waste;
               – Beet pulp;
               – Distillery grains;
               – Manure and livestock waste.

  • Development and testing of biological preparations and feed additives for livestock breeding:

               – Feed storage;
               – Poultry farming;
               – Pigstry;
               – Dairy and beef cattle breeding.

The company experts pay special attention to consultancy and technological support of agricultural enterprises that use Biotroph’s preparations. With this aim in view, special support programs have been developed, including both simple forms of assistance (advising farm specialists, provision of information and reference materials on the use of preparations), and proposals for long-term comprehensive cooperation aimed at achieving the enterprise’s target production and economic indicators related to feeding and feed production (organization of training courses, analysis and medium-term planning on key performance indicators).

Biotroph owns the plant producing biopreparations for agriculture. The premises have modern laboratories, a fermentation room for growing microbial biomass, storage, personnel facilities and office space.

Contact information:
Address: P.O.B. 183, St. Petersburg 192288, Russia
Legal address: 8 lit. A Malinovskaya St., office 7-H, Pushkin 196602, St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel. / Fax: +7 (812) 322-8550, +7 (812) 322-6517
E-mail: biotroph@rambler.ru
Website: http://www.biotroph.ru

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