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Research and Production Company “Alpha-Intech”

Research and Production Company “Alpha-Intech” is a successful dynamic company focused on development and production of woodworking machinery for customers in different sectors of the domestic and foreign industry.

Currently, Alpha Intech works in the following areas:

Lumbering and wood processing

The line of “Alpha” machines has been developed and introduced to the market. The machines are designed for ripping wood and equipped with microprocessor control, multiple options and software-hardware system for cutting optimization.

The machine “Alpha BS-3” is a unique development of to the company. It is the world′s first automated angle log saw. The machine “Alpha BS-3-1000” was created on the basis of “Alpha BS-3” to cope with the customers’ needs in the cut logs with a diameter of 1 m.

“Alpha BC-1A”, “Alfa BC-1A-70”, “Alpha BC-1A-95” machines are designed for longitudinal log cutting and getting edge-surfaced lumber for export.

The operation of log saw “Alpha-DG” is based on the principle of horizontal cutting.

Robotic systems

Alpha Intech is also the integrator of three leading robotics companies - ABB Robotics, KUKA Robotics and Fanuc Robotics. Alpha-Intech is engaged in the design, development and delivery of turnkey robotized systems used for various manufacturing operations, such as water jet, laser and plasma cutting, palletizing, welding, painting, assembly and machining based on industrial robots ABB, KUKA and Fanuc.

Indexer based machines

Alpha-Intech has developed and brought to market the line of water jet cutting installationsAlphaJet” cutting software for programmed cutting of almost any flat or sheet metal (ferrous and non-ferrous metals, natural and artificial stone, glass, various composite materials, etc.) ranging in size from 2 cm to 6 m and 300 mm thick. The company has also developed and launched production of ultra-high pressure pumps for water jet cutting systems with an output pressure up to 6000 bar.

Contact information:
Address: 1g, Sverdlovsky Tract, Office 313, Chelyabinsk, Russia
Phone: +7 (351) 245-49-54
Fax: +7 (351) 210-51-55
E-mail: service@alpha-intech.com, info@alpha-intech.com
Website: http://alpha-intech.ru/

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