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Atomic bomb
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Bargan Production Group

Bargan Production Group is a research and development organization that specializes in development of innovative consumer packaging, particularly self-heating packaging solutions for food, beverages, medcine and cosmetics. It was the first to offer controlled heating in all its products. It is a set of proprietary methods for managing an exothermic reaction (heating process), which guarantee safety and ensure top-level performance.


  • Self-Heating Cup "TT". Upon activation heats contained drinking water or other liquid product up to 80 C in less than 10 minutes and sustains the temperature for another 30 minutes.
  • Retort Packaging Heater (RPH).
  • U1 Individual Ration Heater. U1 is designed to facilitate the heating of individual and/or group rations, using a unique patented method (Direct Steam) that is based on the supply of steam directly on the food pack.

Contact details:
Address: New York, 80 Broad Street, Suite 607
Phone: +1 212 726 1102; +7 495 361 48 60 (Moscow Office)
E-mail: info@bargan.ru
Web-Site: http://www.bargan.ru/enter.html

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