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BIOSSET Ltd. is a research-and-production company founded in 1994. Company develops, designs, produces innovative instruments for DNA and RNA synthesis.

Company′s mission is improving of people’s life by developing high-performance instruments for scientific and practical purposes based on latest achievements in molecular biology and biotechnologies.

The company has developed a range of DNA/RNA synthesizers: ASM-102U, ASM-700, ASM-800, ASM-1000, ASM-2000 and oligonucleotides purification systems OPS-201, OPS-1000. The production of the company is covered by patents of Russian Federation and registered trade marks.

Today BIOSSET is a leader at the Russian market and well-known competitor at the foreign market. It has been done more than 220 instruments with technical features that correspond to the best world-wide analogues Production of the company is in good demand from the researchers and successfully operates in 23 countries.

BIOSSET is a vertically integrated company that is working on whole cycle of instruments development: from idea to manufacture.

Contact details:
Address: 28, Ingenernaya street, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia
Phone: + 7 383 330-3516, + 7 383 363- 5206
Fax: + 7 383 330-3516
E-mail: info@biosset.com
Web-site: http://www.biosset.com

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