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Computer science
Aerospace engineering
Ecology, resource saving

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Atomic bomb
Fast food


The “PLAZNA” company presents the unique innovation technology of “MONOSOTA”, projects for investment and purchasing of standard and exclusive mono-cellular out-of-town cottages, frame-type houses, floating hotels and offices, self-inclusive settlements and constructions of different purpose.

The company produces standard and custom-made mono-cellular houses and constructions from garden arbors to skyscrapers on the basis of innovative construction technologies.

"PLAZNA" Company develops conceptually measured and qualified approaches for harmonic interaction of priority and basic trends taking care to consider global, local and elementary components of each project.

PLAZNAy implements the construction of housing and commercial mono-cellular complexes and is engaged in development and implementation of vitally important issues in the following areas:

  • Affordable housing: comfortable, reliable, and possibly energy independent.
  • Floating complexes for different purposes and forms of activity.
  • Complexes with autonomous power supply (based on renewable sources).
  • Agricultural complexes (Hydroponics).

The company makes an accent on life: ecology and quality, comfort and safety.

"PLAZNA" carries out:

  • development of global and local concepts for development, implementation, advance and improvement of production technologies and services in different professional directions;
  • project documentation design and drawing up;
  • production of units and components of structures;
  • construction-assembly-installation works.

In the area of construction and house building, transport, power engineering, ecology, farming, agriculture and fisheries and related areas.

The company is ready to carry out the whole complex of works in design, construction and landscape design of standard and exclusive mono-cellular out-of-town cottages, frame-type houses, floating hotels and offices, and also self-inclusive settlements and constructions of different purpose with warranty and post-warranty service. 

Contact details:
Tel.: +7 (812) 906-75-86; +7 (921) 906-75-86
E-mail: monosota@gmail.com
Web-site: www.monosota.ru

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