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Research-and-production firm Nitpo

Research-and-production firm "Nitpo" is created in 1991 for working out and the most effective introduction of new technologies and materials at the oil and gas extraction enterprises of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

Major factor of the firm′s development is the fundamental and applied research work directed on increasing petroreturn of layers and intensification of an oil recovery.

"Nitpo" designs and produces the oil and gas equipment under individual orders of consumers with allowance for the service conditions, the chosen class of materials and necessary complete set.

Various technologies in the field of overhaul of petroleum and gas chinks developed by "Nitpo" are successfully applied on oil and gas enterprises of Western Siberia, the Far North and the North Caucasus.

Contact details:
Address: 42, Kotovskogo str., 350049, Krasnodar, Russian Federation
Phone / fax: (861) 216-83-63, 216-83-64, 216-83-65, 210-04-12
Phone: (861) 271-42-87, 271-42-88
E-mail: nitpo@nitpo.ru, nitpo@mail.ru
Web-site: http://eng.nitpo.ru/ 

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