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Research and Production Company "Granch"

Research and Production Company “Granch” was created in 1992 by a group of experts from the special laboratory of Gosstandard USSR, previously engaged in the development of laser systems, including space-based.

The company’s main focus area for today is development of vehicles for communication, information gathering and processing, and development of automated control means.

The company products which are far ahead of the competing systems from other manufacturers are delivered not only throughout Russia and the CIS countries, but also to Europe, the USA, Thailand, Malaysia and Ecuador.

Currently, Granch manufactures automation means, vehicles for communication and security facilities for the coal industry.

The complex “SMART MINE” ® - GORNASS developed by Granch specialists represents a unified information management infrastructure for monitoring and control of any process equipment in the mine, for communications and signaling, monitoring, alerting and search for people.

The complex includes:

  • Granch MIS - multifunction measurement system for aerogas monitoring, information transfer and equipment control designed to automate any task in the mine.
  • Granch SBGPS - system for monitoring, alerting and search for people caught up in the accident.
  • Granch SBAVS - public address, warning and alarm system.

Contact information:
Address: 40, building 1, Korolyova St., Novosibirsk 630015, Russia
Tel. / Fax: +7 (383) 212-03-16
E-mail: info@granch.ru
Website: http://www.granch.ru/

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