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Atomic bomb
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Tomsk Cell Technologies, Ltd.

Tomsk Cell Technologies, Ltd (TCT, Ltd) was founded in July 2007 by a group of applicants for the project "Setup and organization of manufacture for autogenous vaccine for cancer patients and tuberculosis (TB) patients" - "Management company "Monomach" trust management, Closed-end mutual fund for venture investments "Regional fund of venture investments for smaller research-and-development companies in Tomsk region" (Novosibirsk).

TCT develops the following activities:

  • scientific research work and development in terms of natural and technical sciences
  • healthcare activities
  • medical institution
  • hospitals with wide range of medical services and specialized hospitals
  • medical practice
  • other healthcare activities
  • medical laboratories

Contact information 

Tomsk Cell Technologies, Ltd.
2, Moskovsky trakt Str., building 18, office 30
634000 Tomsk, Russia

Director General
Sergey A. Volgushev
Cell phone: +7 (913) 800-5373
Tel./fax: +7 (3822) 51-52-81
Е-mail: volgushev@list.ru

Deputy Director General
Vladimir P. Ogloblin
Cell phone: +7 (909) 545-0005
Tel./fax: +7 (3822) 51-52-81
Е-mail: 005ooo2009@mail.ru 

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