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The company “2D-Farma” develops innovative biologically active ingredients and intermediates for the production of cosmetics and medicines. The company is one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of high quality plant materials for cosmeceutics and pharmaceutics, as well as green cosmetics based on organic plant extracts in Russia and the CIS.

Company experts are actively involved in the creation and development of intermediates - from marketing concept to finished biologically active complexes.

To date, 2D-Farma manufactures more than 200 products, including water propylene glycol and water butylene glycol plant extracts, complex plant extracts, intermediates and concentrates to impregnate wipes based on plant extracts.

All manufactured and supplied plant extracts – both in pure form and formulated into intermediates - are normalized, i.e. they contain a specified number of biologically active substances (BAS). Strictly fixed content of biologically active compounds in the extracts produced ensures the effectiveness of their application in a variety of cosmetic products.

The company develops and manufactures all extracts and intermediates based on those extracts in accordance with customer demand.

2D-Farma products

Cosmetic raw materials:

  • Concentrates
  • Solutions
  • Red pepper products
  • Extracts
  • Lotions

Finished cosmetic products:

  • Mineral complexes
  • Wet wipes

In addition, the company offers:

  • Cosmetics market research: industry analysis and trends
  • Formulation of a composite intermediate having desired properties
  • Formulation of the final product, including intermediates based on 2D-Farma’s natural ingredients

Contact information:
Address: 4a Dnepropetrovsk Proezd, Moscow, Russia
Tel./Fax: +7 (495) 645-97-90 (multichannel), +7 (495) 662-45-78
E-mail: farma@2d-farma.ru
Website: http://www.2d-farma.ru/ 

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