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Dynamically developing ETIZ® company is a unique manufacturer of a new heat, sound and fireproofing material based on a liquid sodium glass.

The product′s uniqueness consists in the producing method, i.e. cold foaming using a surface-active substances and hardening acidic stabilizer. This stabilizer represents the company′s know-how and solution for obtaining a stable foam-glass composition of a low density, timely hardening with appropriate physical and mechanical properties. All ETIZ® know-how are patented.

The material is used in civil and industrial construction, possesses unique characteristics being heat, sound and fire insulation and durability. For ease of working with the material and its installation a special mastic has been developed by ETIZ® company. It can be used to glue the plates together. Taking into consideration the correct plates geometry, it helps to avoid cold bridges.

Besides, ETIZ® is engaged in assembly lines for liquid sodium glass production. The line capacity is 1600 tons/month. 

Contact details:
Address: 5 Factory Str, River village, Yaroslavl region, 5150 522, Russia
Phone: (4852) 434-170, 334-170
Fax: (4852) 944-307
E-mail: etiz@etiz-group.ru
Website: http://www.etiz-group.ru/home/

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