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MIRRA is a Russian company that produces innovative cosmetics for home and professional use, as well as effective healthcare products for different purposes.

MIRRA features and advantages: high research intensity, innovativeness and the use of Russian military-industrial developments in cosmetics manufacturing. The innovative technologies applied have revolutionized cosmetology. MIRRA was the first in Russia to use ultrafine emulsions and liposomal gel in cosmetics manufacturing. Minimum size, special composition and pre-programmed properties of cosmetic products’ particles provide deep penetration and targeted delivery of bioactive substances into the skin cells. Today, MIRRA products meet all the requirements to modern nanocosmetics.

MIRRA introduces “smart” beauty products to the market. Cosmetic and healthcare products are created using the latest scientific advances, technological developments being protected by patents. MIRRA formulations are based on natural plant and essential oils, plant extracts and saps, sea and bee products, as well as natural minerals and biotechnology products.

MIRRA "smart" beauty products have several lines: women, men, children; skin, hair, dental care products; perfumes.

MIRRA’s representative offices are located not only in Russia, but also abroad: in Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Estonia and Japan.

Contact information:
Address: 2 Perevedenovsky pereoulok, Moscow 105082, Russia
Tel.: +7 (495) 784-75-35; +7 (495) 784-75-40
Fax: +7 (495) 784-75-30
E-mail: info@mirra.ru
Website: http://www.mirra.ru/

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