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SciTECH, Research and Production Association

SciTech Research and Production Association, created in December 2008 as a consequence of winning the competition START organized by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (Bortnik Fund), implements an innovative project on the production of cosmetics in Stavropol (Russia).

Innovative cosmetics produced in the company’s laboratories are made of advanced cosmetic raw materials of the world′s leading manufacturers, herbal extracts growing in ecologically clean regions of the North Caucasus, and thermal water from the unique source №1 Suvorovsky in the Stavropol Territory.

In the production of original cosmetic SciTECH uses a patented vesicle-niosome nanotechnology. All biologically active substances included in nanovesicles-niosomes 20-150 nm in size, which are able to carry out their transdermal delivery to the deep layers of the skin by acting effectively “from inside.”

Due to the presence of organic-silicon substances, SciTECH beauty products have the following properties:

  • Not sticky;
  • Adjustable absorption;
  • Increased viscosity;
  • Silky feel on the skin;
  • Transdermal penetration;
  • Evening out the skin tone and texture;
  • Skin matting and sebum absorbing.

All products have the certificates of registration of the Eurasian Economic Community and the declaration of conformity of the Customs Union (valid on the territory of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus).

Contact information:
Address: 11A Staromaryevskoye Shosse, Stavropol 355000, Russia
Cell phone: +7 (962) 406-96-28
Tel. / Fax: +7 (8652) 05.28.85
E-mail: director@sci-tech.su
Website: sai-tek.rf

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