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Atomic bomb
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LED Technologies Ltd.

LED Technologies Ltd is one of the largest Russian enterprises focused on energy-efficient high-capacity LED lighting and infrared heating systems. The company offers high-power LED energy-saving lighting equipment for proper illumination of all facilities and areas. The equipment is manufactured on the basis of the latest energy-efficient semiconductor lighting technologies using light-emitting diodes and energy-saving infrared electric heating systems.

The company is the manufacturer, official representative and partner of several major Russian and foreign companies manufacturing LED lighting equipment, infrared electric heaters and related electronic components. LED Technologies Ltd. offers production, supply, installation, maintenance, design and consulting on any matters relating to the high-power LED lighting.

LED Technologies Ltd. products:

  • LED lights: street, industrial, console, floor, wall, ceiling, household, raster, spot, park, office, entrance, underwater, explosion-proof, low-voltage, waterproof, battery-driven, etc.
  • LED floodlamps: industrial, high-power, street, meant for lighting advertising structures and buildings, multi-color, waterproof, underwater, landscape, display, explosion-proof, rechargeable, low voltage, household, etc.
  • LED lamps: LED lighting lamps, advertising, semiconductor, commutator, mnemonic, waterproof, special, indicator, signal, barrage, indicative, tubes, and other data devices, etc.
  • LEDs: bright, round, oval, of different diameters, high-power with and without the radiator, “Piranha” type, photodiodes, infrared, ultraviolet, flashing, impulse, surface-mount, full-color, three-and two-color RGB, wide-angle, low-profile, with different colors and angles of radiation, etc.
  • LED strip: for use both indoors and outdoors. Designed for the illumination and lighting of architectural and interior design elements, basic lighting, architectural lighting and in high humidity places, total-immersion.
  • Infrared electric heaters: wall and floor domestic, ceiling office and industrial, automotive, infrared convection combined action electric heaters, infrared heating plasterboard panels, gas-filled heating controllers, heaters, thermostats.
  • Other articles: traffic and pedestrian, tram, rail, crane, trolley, special, mine traffic lights, LED rope light, LED tube lamp (LED neon), decorative products based on light-emitting diodes, information and direction signs, nameboards, clocks, scoreboards, LED linears, LED control modules, drivers, lamps, illuminated panels, chargers for lamps and floodlights, etc.

LED Technologies Ltd. services:

  • replacement of existing lighting fixtures to LED products and components;
  • LED lighting project design works;
  • Measuring the light levels and bringing it into line with the requirements of local building requirements;
  • consulting on all matters relating to LED lighting;
  • cargo transportation and storage;
  • warranty servicing of LED lighting.

Contact information:
Address: 18, Building B (2nd floor), Yekaterinburg, Russia
Tel. / Fax: +7 (343) 222-03-22, +7 (343) 372-12-69
Cell phone: +7 (922) 170-82-41
E-mail: zakaz@dankon.ru
Website: http://www.dankon.ru 

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