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The Penza plant of medical preparations was established in 1959. Production of antibiotic substances by fermentation was chosen as a main direction of its activity, and antibiotic biomycin (chlortetracycline) and vitamin B12 were the first products.

Later other antibiotic substances were included into product list: oleandomycin, tetracycline, nystatin, heliomycin (Gold medal of Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy in 1970), fusidic acid and sodium fusidate, levorin (candicidin) (Gold medal of Plovdiv Exhibition in 1977), benzylpenicillin potassium, mycoheptin, as well as cardiovascular riboxin (inosin).

Besides the substances, as early as in 1961 the Plant began to produce the formulated preparations, tablets, in 1971 manufactures of infusions and filling of powders for injection were put into operation. Also production of endocrine preparations was organized, in 1986 – insulin, in 1989 – heparin.

In 1987 the Plant had been reorganized in the Combine of medical preparations in connection with multifarious character of manufacture, and in November 1992 it had been reorganized in Open Joint-Stock Company “Biosintez”. 

Contact details:
Address: 4 Druzhba Str., Penza, 440033, Russia
Phone: +7(8412) 57-72-69, 57-72-49
E-mail: info@biosintez.com
Website: http://biosintez.com/en/catalog/substance-en/

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