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Drugs Technology Ltd.

Drugs Technology Ltd. is an innovative company, established on the basis of the Chemical Diversity Research Institute. The company specializes in the development of turn-key generic and original drug products and providing partner assistance to the Russian drug manufacturers in expanding the range of their product portfolios.

Drugs Technology Ltd. is a service company, providing a wide range of quality services that can be useful for pharmaceutical manufacturers in development and manufacturing of innovative, efficient, high-tech and highly profitable generic drugs.

The company′s services:

  • DPE-monitoring (Drug Patent Expirations) Top 200 original products in the world - determining the date for the expiry of patent protection
  • Search and selection of the substance supplier on the specified criteria
  • Calculation of the drug’s specific direct production cost
  • Development and validation of substance control methods
  • Development of regulatory documents (manufacturer’s monograph) for substances
  • Substance registration in the Russian Federation
  • Development of the technology and composition of the drug products
  • Development of laboratory regulations
  • Development and validation of methods for drug product monitoring, stability studies
  • Development of manufacturer’s monograph for drug products
  • Preclinical research of drug products
  • Technology implementation on the industrial equipment
  • Drug product registration

Contact information:
Address: 2A, build.1, Rabochaya St., Khimki 141400, Moscow region, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 225 11 89
E-mail: questions@drugsformulation.ru
Website: http://www.drugsformulation.ru 

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