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Cavikorm LLC

Cavikorm LLC is a dynamically developing Russian innovative company that develops and implements at fattening and dairy, poultry and fish farms the innovative systems for feeding farm animals under the name Cavikorm ®.

At the heart of the unique high-efficiency fattening technologies are patented formulations, processes and equipment.

Cavikorm ® technology consists of three elements:

  • Specilaized feed preparation lines Cavikorm ® to be installed in the feed processing rooms
  • Innovative feed rations Cavikorm ®
  • Protein-vitamin feed concentrates Cavirost ® included in the feed mixture.

Cavikorm technology:

  • dramatically increases the cost-effectiveness of the livestock breeding complex;
  • improves the quality of the final product;
  • always tailor-made for solving the customer’s specified task;
  • based on rigorous scientific studies;
  • allows paying for its implementation from generated profits.

Effectiveness of the technology is confirmed by the All-Russian Research Institute of Animal Production of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (RAAS).

Infrastructural and financial support to Cavikorm is rendered by the Second Regional Venture Fund of Moscow under management of VTB Capital Asset Management CJSC, scientific and methodological support is rendered by the All-Russian Research Institute of Animal Production of the RAAS, in cooperation with which specialized eco-biologically valuable feed formulations based on the preliminary cavitational processing of food mixture have been developed and tested.

In January 2012, the company established Cavikorm Engineering LLC for research and development and commercialization of R&D results in “Effective recycling of food industry waste in highly nourishing feeds for farm animals.” Cavikorm Engineering received the status of the resident of Skolkovo Innovation Centre in the Energy Efficient Technologies cluster.

Cavikorm Engineering is specialized in the design and development of technologies for integrated energy efficient waste-free processing of by-products in food and food processing industries (brewer′s grain and yeast, distillery grains, molasses, beet pulp, oilseed meal, etc.) into feed additives and concentrates for livestock and poultry.

Contact information:
Address: 16, building 3, 2nd Yuzhnoportovy Passage, , Logic-park Business Centre, Moscow, 115432
Phone: +7 (495) 661-9525
E-mail: marketing@cavikorm.ru, sales@cavikorm.ru
Website: http://www.cavikorm.ru/ 

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