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Computer science
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Ecology, resource saving

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Atomic bomb
Fast food

International Cooperation

SWSU participates in the work of intergovernmental committees on education, together with states like Venezuela, Peru, Chile. SWSU is the only national technical university that entered the National Committee on Economic Cooperation Promotion to Latin America. The University acts as coordinator of educational programs "Russia – Latin America".

SWSU International Relations and Marketing Department is responsible for organization, coordination, assistance and implementation of university international and foreign economic activities.

SWSU International Projects and Programs Department deals with scientific and methodical administration of international research and educational projects and programs.

Head of Department
Dmitry G. Makarov 
Tel.: +7 (4712) 504-799

SWSU partners

  • Argentina

Salvador University
Empresarial Siglo University
Austral University
General agreement on scientific and cultural cooperation. Agreement on academic and scientific and technical cooperation.

  • Bangladesh

Stamford University. Partnership memorandum.

  • Belorussia

Belorussian State Transport University, Gomel. Cooperation agreement.

  • Bolivia

Technical University of Oruro. Agreement on scientific and academic cooperation.

  • Venezuela

Bolivarian University. Mutual cooperation agreement.

  • Germany

Technical University, Ilmenau. Cooperation agreement.

  • India

University of Technology, Hyderabad
Cochin University of Science and Technology
Anna University, Chennai
Agreement on academic, scientific and cultural cooperation.

  • Jordan

Al-Balqa University
Protocol of intentions on cooperation between Kursk Regional government, SWSU and Al-Balqa University in respect of educational and economic activities. Academic cooperation agreement.

  • Iran

Semnan University
Damghan University
Cooperation memorandums.

  • Spain

Polytechnic University, Valencia. Protocol of intentions on cooperation.

  • Italy

University of Cassino. Agreement on cultural and scientific cooperation.

  • China

Shandun Technical Institute of business and technologies (PRC).
Harbin Polytechnic University (PRC).
Wuhan University of Technology.
Cooperation agreements.

  • Colombia

National University of Colombia, Bogota branch
University of Cauca
Agreement on scientific and academic cooperation. Agreement on academic, scientific and cultural cooperation.

  • Malaysia

Baring Edu Training
Agreement on academic, scientific and cultural cooperation.

  • Myanmar

Japanese polytechnic University
Cooperation agreement.

  • Nepal

ACME Engineering College. Cooperation memorandum.
Kathmandu University. Cooperation memorandum.
Center for educational cooperation. Additional cooperation agreement. Agreement on academic, scientific and cultural cooperation.

  • Peru

National University of Engineering. General agreement on academic, cultural and scientific and technical cooperation.
Alas Peruanas University. Agreement on academic and scientific and technical cooperation.

  • Poland

Opole University. Cooperation agreement.

  • Syria

Damascus University
Tishreen University
Cooperation memorandums.

  • Ukraine

Kharkiv Humanitarian University "People′s Ukrainian Academy". Cooperation agreement.
Poltava National Technical University n.a. Yuri Kondratyk. Scientific cooperation agreement.
Sumsk State University. Cooperation agreement.

  • Chile

Metropolitan University of Technology.
Agreement on academic, scientific and technical cooperation.

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