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SWSU innovation sector has a developed institutional structure that enables rendering services on promotion of innovations to industry, protection of intellectual activity outcomes and assessment of their commercial attractiveness. SWSU pays special attention to the development of nanotechnologies, creation of infrastructure for estimation of intellectual property items′ cost and investment valuation, hatching of hi-tech business and logistics.

SWSU innovation infrastructure

The principal target of the departments of SWSU Innovation Development Board is construction of up-to-date capitalization mechanisms of the University “brain capital” on the stage of intellectual, research and technology activities outcomes transfer into industry, investment and consumer market promotion.

Kursk Technopark is being created on the basis of SWSU, the leading industrial enterprises of the region being among its residents.

Project target – creation of necessary conditions for innovative development of the regional economy and efficient use of research and technology potential, material and financial resources, committed to create hi-tech, resource-saving technologies and types of products crucially new for the region.

Basic scientific activities – instrument engineering, power saving technologies, hi-tech processing and dressing technologies for mineral raw materials and iron ores, laser-based technologies for manufacturing activities, industry of nano-systems and nano-materials.

High Technologies Multi-Access Center
The Center is a department of Kursk Technopark. Its principal activities include research and development in the field of nanotechnologies and nanomaterial science, at nano-, micro- and ultra-dispersive levels by means of atomic-powered, optical, luminescent, electronic translucent and scanning microscopy engaging computer processing of images and physical simulation, aimed at identification of regularities and interconnections between elemental composition, structure and functional properties of materials recreated by hi-tech technologies

Contact information

Director of High Technologies Center
Alexander P. Kuzmenko
Tel.: +7 (910) 314-2901
Е-mail: apk3527@mail.ru 

Deputy Director of High Technologies Center
Yury A. Mirgorod
Tel.: +7 (919) 176-8054
Е-mail: yu_mirgorod@mail.ru

Geoinformational Technologies Center
Organization and handling of research work and other research and technology activities using geoinformational technologies are the principal activities of the Center.

Contact information

Tel.: +7 (4712) 504-909
E-mail: cltkstu@mail.ru, steals149@inbox.ru  

Research and Education Center "Chemistry and Chemical Education Research"

Principal activities:

  • Fundamental and applied research in ultra-low dose impact of various substances on physical and chemical properties
  • Fundamental and applied research in the field of thermal, photo-stabilization of hetero-chain polymers
  • Fundamental and applied research in "Green chemistry. Sustainable development"
  • Research of environment objects state and elaboration of rational nature management methods, search and study of new renovation methods for environment objects (water, soil, air)

Contact information

Tel.: +7 (4712) 504-820, +7 (495)135-7894
Fax: +7(4712) 504-800, +7(495)137-4101
Е-mail: ibcp@sky.chph.ras.ru 

Research and Education Center (REC) for Nanotechnologies in Electronics
REC-Nanoelectronics is basically aimed at prosecution of fundamental and applied research in respect of development of instrument making methods, based on new physical principles; new nano-structured elements of electronics with nano-scale dimension and manufacture of new products on their basis:

  • Multi-frequency electronics instruments
  • Communications nano-electronic devices with high base frequency and bandpass enlarged

Moreover, REC carries out R&D activities within the  following trends:

  • Construction of devices for adaptive control of correlative reliability parameters of cross-connections in micro- and nano-electronic devices carrying out low-temperature nano-surface thermal diffusion
  • Development of devices for adaptive control of autocorrelative reliability parameters of cross-connections in micro- and nanoelectronic devices carrying out low-temperature nano-surface thermal diffusion
  • Control automation for dynamic reliability parameters of cross-connections in large-scale integral circuits considering autocorrelative functions
  • Automation of thermal diffusion-based processing of cross-connections of electronic components securing required reliability parameters
  • Creation of a new electronic component base for microwave micro- and nano-electronic equipment with frequency ranging 200–1000 GHz and managed security in respect of correlation and autocorrelation technological thermo-diffusion low-temperature parameters
  • Study of composite materials with active polymerization and crystallization centers in the form of nano-tubes, fullerenes and nano-particles, contributing to unique properties of manufactured articles

Contact information

Chair of Electrotechnics, Electronics and Automatics
Tel./fax: +7 (4712) 587-114
Е-mail: emelianov@nm.ru 

Joint Research and Education Center of Aero-automation Development Design Office and SWSU chair of Computer Science "On-board multiprocessor logical control systems"

The Center carries out the following research works:

  • Development and research of new methods of design, verification, management and diagnostics of on-board logical control systems and control systems of factory automation, aimed at implementation of integrated control algorithms with parallel branches and sensitive towards dynamic errors in switchover units
  • Construction, theoretical justification and pilot research of hardware-based organization methods for collective effects within parallel systems of logical control, enabling acceleration of large-scale inter-processor data exchange and enhance of communications environment versatility
  • Elaboration and studies of construction methods for high-reliable on-board logical control systems, resistant to damages and failure of separate units, errors of communication modules and channels, using homogeneous multi-processor structures with alternative processor modules

Contact information

Tel.: +7 (4712) 587-105
Е-mail: zotovigor@yandex.ru

More than 200 patents have been obtained by the University.

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