Which science field has the most promising future?

Computer science
Aerospace engineering
Ecology, resource saving

What is the mankind's most dangerous invention?

Atomic bomb
Fast food

South West State University

South West State University (former Kursk State Technical University) was founded in 1964.

SWSU Faculties:

  • Faculty of Innovations and Management 
  • Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science 
  • Faculty of Economics 
  • Construction and Architecture Faculty 
  • Faculty of Technologies and Design
  • Law Faculty
  • Mining Faculty 
  • Faculty of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication 
  • Institute of Continuous Education

SWSU is focused on integration of science, education and industry. Over 20 branches of university departments have been set up at the enterprises of Kursk, Zheleznogorsk and Kurchatov cities.

The University acts as reliable partner for a number of foreign universities: Technical University, Brno (Czech Republic); Technical University, Bratislava (Slovakia); Technical University, Košice (Slovakia); European Institute of Environmental Energy, Herning (Denmark); Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw (Poland); Aarhus Institute (Denmark); Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems (California, the USA); National Research Institute in Computer Science and Automation (France); Institute of Business Administration and Technology, Herning (Denmark); Regensburg University (Germany).

Kursk Regional Academic Research Center was established on SWSU basis to unite the branches of a number of specialized Russian Academies located in Kursk: Academy of Natural Sciences, Russian Engineering Academy, International Informatization Academy. The Center coordinates activities of scientists and research organizations located in Central Black Earth Region of Russia and occupied in natural and engineering sciences.

In 1993, Kursk Regional Center for New Information Technologies was founded to become a structural unit of SWSU.

Sergey G. Emelyanov
Tel.: +7 (4712) 504-808, 504-820
E-mail: rector@kstu.kursk.ru

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