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Combarko CJSC is a Russian innovative company founded in 2007. The company develops automated industrial drives based on friction variators, manufactures and supplies its own solutions in the field of controlled electric actuator.

The main directions of innovative activities:

  • creation of industrial adaptive variator;
  • development of a stepless multithreaded electromechanical transmission – a super variator;
  • creating automotive hybrid power plant based on a new type super variator.

Despite the fact that today Combarko gives priority to the successful completion of the above innovative projects, the company also continues to develop the direction associated with supply of its own-produced power operated equipment:

  • Frequency rectifier CombiVario
  • Soft starters CombiStart
  • Reduction gear and motor drive Combarco
  • Variator and variator motor Combarco

Contact information:
Address: 36, build.3, Dolgorukovskaya St, 2nd Floor, Moscow 127006, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 988-11-34, +7 (495) 988-11-35, +7 (495) 987-11-07
E-mail: market@combarco.ru
Website: http://www.combarco.ru/

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