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Perm Research and Production Instrument Company

JSC Perm Research and Production Instrument Company (PNPPK) has a 50-year experience in development and production of navigation systems for various applications as well as consumer goods. During these years company’s production has raised from the simplest synchros and servo motor components up to complex airborne systems for aircrafts. Main spheres of Company’s business are aircraft instrument engineering, marine navigation.

Company′s products are installed on more than 30 types of aircrafts of the most known aviation firms of Russia including the most advanced, forth generation MiG-29, Su-27 and Su-30.  

Main business activities of PNPPK:

  • Development and production of basic components for navigation: precise gyroscopesaccelerometers and other sensors and components.
  • Development and production of navigation systems for civil and military application in aviation, sea and river vessels, land and underground objects.

Advanced manufacturing technique of modern sensors and elements of gyroscopic systems enables continuous upgrading of existing navigation systems and development of new more accurate and enhanced products. Company specialists together with scientific and technological community of the Perm region and Russia have developed and mastered production of fiber optic gyroscopes.

Marine gyrocompass "Geus" that was developed on the basis of aviation technology proved to be competitive not only in the Russian but in the world market and became the core of the whole family of marine navigation devices: gyrocompasses "Meridian", "Meridian Surveyor", "Geus-М", PGM-009 for commercial fleet, gyro heading indicator and miniature marine integrated navigation system for Navy.

Company has mastered production of navigation systems for mobile vehicles. Application of such units in the automated guidance and fire control systems has upgraded the existing salvo fire systems, self-propelled and towed guns, air defence means, tactical missile and mobile radar complexes.

Contact details:
Address: 106, 25th October St., GSP-590, Perm, Russia 614990
Tel.: +7 342 240-05-02
Fax.: +7 342 245-12-19 
E-mail: root@ ppk.perm.ru 
Web-site: www.ppk.perm.ru

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