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Kremnegranit Eco Ltd.

Research and Production Company “Kremnegranit Eco Ltd.” is engaged in manufacturing equipment for the production of new generation construction and cladding materials, including kevlar concrete intended for the construction of energy independent buildings.

Over the past 10 years the company has developed and produced more than 500 types of equipment and the same number of units of building materials from kevlar concrete, including:

  • more than 170 variants of paving blocks,
  • 150 types of ornamental and facing stones,
  • 8 kinds of fireplace portals,
  • 30 types of fence sections,
  • 7 species highly heat efficient blocks,
  • funeral monuments,
  • 130 kinds of souvenirs and specialty products.

All Kremnegranit Eco products have been certified, passed physical, mechanical and radiological tests.

The company is proud for its new building material - highly heat efficient, four-layer, wall, nidged building block RKK-40-20-40. This material combines all the qualities essential for every modern home: the walls that “breathe” and save heat are lightweight and strong and non-corrosive. The material can be used for construction and reconstruction of buildings in all climate conditions, even in an extreme continental climate.

Currently, the company produces three types of RKK blocks:

  • RKK-40-20-40 - highly heat efficient block designed for use in low-rise construction (up to three storeys), and erection of energy independent buildings and structures in any climatic zone.
  • RKK-40-20-35 - highly heat efficient block designed for use in high-rise construction (skyscrapers inclusive) and frame construction of energy independent buildings and structures in any climatic zone.
  • RKK-40-20-27, 5 - highly heat efficient facing block designed for use in the reconstruction of last century buildings and structures, which service life ended.

All Kremnegranit Eco products are made for both individual developers and on an industrial scale.

Contact information:
Address: 1 Garazhnaya St., Burevestnik Settlement, Bogorodsky District, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia
Phone: +7 (920) 077-36-08
E-mail: kgt.sa @ mail.ru
Website: http://www.kgtregion.ru/ 

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