Which science field has the most promising future?

Computer science
Aerospace engineering
Ecology, resource saving

What is the mankind's most dangerous invention?

Atomic bomb
Fast food


The university research policy has been defined in the strategic University Development Plan. ITMO University positions itself as a research university. The University focuses on fundamental and applied research, and commercial application of research results.

University carries out R&D at 49 chairs, in research laboratories and specialized divisions: OptoInformatica Research Institute, Optical Information Technologies and Systems Center of Science and Technology, Russar Academic R&D Center , and the Center of Information Optical Technologies .

Financial, legal, organizational, and technical support of R&D is carried out by research and development department (R&DD) of the University: Division of Financial and Economic Management of R&DD, Division of Intellectual Property and Scientific and Technical Information, and the R&DD Information and Analysis Department.

Basic scientific fields of the University:

  • Optical technologies
  • Computer and information technologies
  • Management systems
  • Precision technics and technologies
  • Electrotechnics and electronics
  • Basic and applied Mathematics and Physics research

Most of basic research works are being carried out in:

  • quantum electronics and nonlinear optics
  • optics of bio-fabrics
  • physical optics and spectroscopy
  • laser and optical technologies
  • energomonitoring
  • optics of accentric crystals
  • computer technologies
  • robot guidance
  • theory for nonlinear systems
  • computer networks
  • supercomputing

The University is currently carrying out research work within the framework of 10 federal research and technology programs in the relevant scientific fields, leading some of them. Research activities and development work is being carried out within two research-and-development departments: that of laser physics, technics and medicine and that of laser technology, in the optical engineering center, 21 research laboratories carry out the similar activity.

As a result of this research work, the University scientists and experts design brand new appliances, systems, technologies and materials: laser-based aerospace systems, laser-based optical technologies, composite materials, optoelectronic measuring systems, medical optical and laser systems, optical sensors for industrial and ecological use, computer network etc.

Vice President for Research
Vyacheslav B. Karasev
Tel. +7 (812) 498-1070
E-mail: karasev@mail.ifmo.ru


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