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Computer science
Aerospace engineering
Ecology, resource saving

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Atomic bomb
Fast food


A special department of The National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (University ITMO) carries out innovative activities and is called Center for Technological Innovation (CTI).

CTI is targeted to provide the residents and partners of CTI with long-termed competitive advantages by means of integration of education, science and business. 

The CTI residents progress under conditions ordered to encourage implementation of their innovative potential, with all necessary infrastructural services provided and the synergy effect between participants promoted.

On behalf of Research centers cooperating with CTI, the center engages young specialists and contributes to creation of demand for Research and Development and research findings on the part of factories of wide profile.

There is a project for development of Technopark for information and optical technologies at the CTI basis ordered to provide integration between CTI participants and form the synergy effect.

The following problems are tackled in CTI in order to achieve the main goal:

  1. Development of physical, telecommunications and information infrastructure of CTI.
  2. Implementation of certain number of actions and development of chain links in the innovation chain between technical idea and commercial manufacture by means of organization of transfer system and commercialization of research and scientific technologies findings, focused on efficient use of scientific-and-technical potential of St.Petersburg State University (StPSU) ITMO and research teams of research centers and smaller companies.
  3. Development of hi-tech innovative business, formation of conditions involving research teams of research centers into innovative business, as well as teachers and students of StPSU ITMO, Russian and foreign innovative structures, employees of commercial companies, scientists and experts, inventors.
  4. Coordination of cooperation between CTI subjects during development of educational programs as per information and telecommunications systems, design technology training and manager training, as well as mechanisms of adaptation to the market conditions for the students.

To tackle these problems, the CTI carries out the following types of activities:  

  • carries out expertise, analysis and evaluation of innovative offers and research-and-technology projects, marketing of relevant products and search of partners in domestic and foreign market, support for technology transfer between CTI residents and those developed within CTI to Russian and foreign Customers;
  • takes part in organization of supporting funds targeted to invest the innovations;
  • takes part in organization and holding of exhibitions and publishing activities promoting innovative products and technologies of CTI companies, enabling technology transfer to domestic and foreign markets;
  • provides cooperation with federal, regional and local authorities and regulatory bodies of Russian Federation and other states, as well as cooperation with organizations of research-and-production complex of SPSU ITMO of various forms of ownership and other CTI participants по реализации nation-wide and regional investment programs;
  • makes contacts with foreign companies and institutions as per innovative activities.

Services provided:

  • software development:

- hardware development (restoration, protection of information, service engineering of computing systems);
- applied software (web-application, intellectual systems and search systems, information systems and database systems, multimedia, games, industrial systems, document management systems, teaching systems and language translation systems);
- system software (software for manufacturers, development of system software);
- telecommunications and networks (hardware for telecommunications and networks, information protection in local networks, voice and image transfer via Internet, network design engineering);
- software testing.

  • optical appliances design and manufacturing: laser engraving and marking; laser perforation; laser precision cutting; surfacing; cleaning; precision laser welding; sport-hunting sights.

As a member of CTI structure, the Incubator for smaller innovative IT and optical companies provides infrastructural and commercial services integrated with the aim of “growing” of smaller (starting) IT and optical companies. 

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