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Avangard JSC

Avangard JSC is the leading Russian enterprise involved in development of innovative technologies and radio electronics, microcircuitry production and instrument making.

The company was founded over 60 years ago. During this time, a strong research and production team achieved outstanding results in the theory and practice of the production of electronic devices and equipment. Today, the company employs modern technologies in microelectronics and is actively developing a new generation of dual-use microelectronic sensors of physical and chemical quantities.

Over the years, Avangard JSC has gained considerable experience in the development of acousto electronic devices used for simple and matched filtering, delay, and correlation processing of signals, sensitive physical quantity sensors. The company also has a great experience in the development of elements, modules and devices of fiber-optic communication lines.

Along with active scientific and technical activities, the company has strengthened the existing microelectronic production and set up production of basic supporting structures of electronic equipment using modern foreign equipment.

Avangard’s main aim in the field of quantity is creation of high-quality, competitive products, corresponding to the modern high-tech level, meeting customers’ requirements and expectations and ensuring stable financial position.

Avangard production:

  • Innovative technology for radio electronics production
  • Integrated systems for radio electronics design and production
  • Dual-use microsystem equipment
  • Standardized electronic modules
  • Basic supporting structures
  • Automated systems for monitoring the safety of residential, industrial and high-risk building sites
  • Microelectronics special products
  • Advanced technology materials

Avangard JSC also provides the following services:

  • Calibration and verification of instruments and sensors
  • Scientific and technical conferences, seminars and meetings
  • Industry specialists and executives advanced training
  • Standardization and certification
  • Xerographic printing

Contact information:
Address: 72 Kondratievsky Avenue, St. Petersburg 195271, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 321-63-59, +7 (812) 543-76-18
Fax: +7 (812) 545-37-85
E-mail: avangard@avangard.org
Website: http://www.avangard.org/  

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