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Atomic bomb
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West Siberian Innovation Center

Autonomous public institution of Tyumen Region "West Siberian Innovation Center" (Tyumen Technopark) was created in July 2009 by order of the Governor of Tyumen Region.

The Center’s founder is the Committee on Innovation of the Tyumen Region.

Tyumen Technopark objectives:

  • Strengthening the position of the Tyumen oil and gas industries in the global marketplace;
  • Ensuring sustainable development of the Tyumen economy due to diversification and innovation;
  • Expanding opportunities for the realization of the population’s labor potential and creativity.

Technopark activities:

  • Assessment of innovation projects to address the issue of granting status of the business incubator resident;
  • Provision of business facilities (meeting rooms, conference rooms, exhibition area);
  • Consulting, information and resource support during innovation project implementation;
  • Arranging presentations of innovation projects;
  • Arranging meetings with potential customers;
  • Technopark residents training.

At present, Tyumen Technopark is:

  • 33 innovative companies (oil and gas, construction, engineering, agroindustrial sector, information technology);
  • Convenient platform to establish regional cooperation with universities, large companies and technology parks in other regions of Russia; official representative of the Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (Bortnik Fund) in Tyumen Region;
  • Venture Partner of the Russian Venture Company Seed Fund;
  • Member of the Russian Union of Innovation and Technology Centers.

Contact details:
Address: 142 Respubliki Str., Tyumen 625026, Russia
Tel.: +7 (3452) 534-000
E-mail: tehnopark@72to.ru
Website: www.tyumen-technopark.ru

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