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Sapsan, Science and Production Centre

Joint Stock Company “Science and Production Centre “Sapsan” was founded in 1988.

The company specializes in development, manufacture and sale of computer equipment and electronics, development of automated systems for production control, warehouse management and quality control, mathematical support and software for computers and computer systems.

In the structure of the company′s output dominates computing equipment for special use of the “BAGET” family produced for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Over a number of years, the enterprise has taken the leading position among the suppliers of similar equipment for the Ministry of Defense.

Sapsan is mainly focused on:

         1.  PCs for special use “BAGET” with the operating systems Windows, VxWorks, processors: 1B577, 1B578, 1B579, with various alternatives for basing, including:

  • control computer for use in steady-state conditions and general-purpose air and conduction cooling, for heavy duty;
  • control computer for use on mobile objects of the “BAGET” family for heavy-duty work on the move;
  • computer to manipulate objects in real time;
  • multicomputer systems for digital signal processing;
  • mixed computer systems for digital signal processing and solving control tasks in real-time;
  • specialized electronic modules with VME bus;
  • PCI mezzanine cards;
  • control interfaces.

         2. Servers and workstations with operating systems Windows, LINUX.

         3. Production of the 12- and 5-slot bodies of the “Besta” family (VME fieldbus).

         4. Personal computers, including those for processing of confidential information.

         5. GLONASS / GPS navigation devices, ship based and wearable.

         6. Compact devices for diagnosis of the car’s electrical circuits – Katchalov’s autotesters.

         7. Computer-based acoustic processors to manipulate objects in real time “BAGET-01-10", including 32-channel ADC.

         8. Warranty and post-warranty service of Sapsan products.

         9. Computer, OS, and software consultancy.

Sapsan products:

Industrial computer equipment:

  • Stationary industrial computers
  • Rack-mount industrial computers
  • Industrial computer units
  • Industrial peripherals

Special purpose computer equipment:

  • Computers with EMR protection
  • Stationary computers
  • Wearable computers
  • Other computers
  • Computer units
  • Peripheral devices for special purposes

Consumer appliances:

  • Katchalov’s autotester (dipstick test)

Power plants:

  • AD-30S-T/400-RM1U4, Category 2
  • DES-60R, Category 2
  • ESD-20-VL/230-CH/400-M2 with trailer unit 2-PN-2
  • Diesel units AD-20-T/400
  • Diesel units AD-60-T/400
  • Diesel power stations ED-20 (30) -T/400
  • Diesel power stations ED-60 (50) -T/400

Sapsan services:

  • assembly-soldering of electronic modules (installation on PCBs in bodies CHIP, SOT, SOD, MELF, SOP, PLCC, BGA, SOJ, TSOP, QFP);
  • mounting SMD components (installation on PCBs in bodies CHIP, SOT, SOD, MELF, SOP, PLCC, BGA, SOJ, TSOP, QFP);
  • development of electrical circuits, circuit boards and bodies of electronic products;
  • automated and manual assembly of electronic and structural components;
  • comprehensive testing and commissioning of electronic modules and products;
  • service maintenance of manufactured products.

Contact information:
Address: 23, build. 15, Avtozavodskaya St., Moscow 115280, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 674-63-28, 674-60-60
E-mail: fad@systud.msk.su, sapsan@systud.msk.su
Website: http://www.sapsan.org.ru/ 

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