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AstraZeneca is a global, innovation-driven, integrated biopharmaceutical company, which is among the five largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. The company provides patients and physicians with effective and safe innovative medicines to treat the most serious diseases within the frameworks of public funding programs.

AstraZeneca’s priority focus is research and development. The company is one of three leading international pharmaceutical companies that are actively investing in R&D. Annual investment in the research and development of new drugs amounts to more than USD 4 billion.

The company has a solid basis for the development of R&D activities: AstraZeneca’s 11 research centers are located in 7 countries of the world. Over 11,000 scientists and researchers from different countries are involved in the development of new drugs.

Russia - one of AstraZeneca’s priority markets. The company announced intentions to establish a long-term partnership in the Russian market and is already implementing large-scale projects both on the allocation of its production facilities in Russia, and on support of research and development in Russia.

In April 2011, AstraZeneca launched construction its own plant in Kaluga Region to provide Russian patients with innovative products. Production of new drugs for the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory diseases and mental disorders will start in 2013.

AstraZeneca was one of the organizers of the conference "Innovation in Russian Healthcare", aimed at sharing the world′s best expertise in the commercialization of scientific developments. At the event the company has signed strategic partnership agreements with the Russian innovation center "Skolkovo" and the Russian Venture Company (RVC). In March 2011, the partners started implementation of the first joint project - Virtual Research Institute "Vanguard of Knowledge", which aims to support innovative development of Russian scientists in the field of medicine and pharmacy.

AstraZeneca also plans to create the Center for Bioinformatics and Predictive Medicine in St. Petersburg. The center’s activities will focus on the development of bioinformatics, data analysis, software and hardware to more accurately predict safety and efficacy of innovative medicines.

At present, AstraZeneca is investing heavily in partnership with Russian research centers to conduct Phase II, III and IV clinical trials. The company collaborates with about 150 - 200 research institutes.

AstraZeneca is committed to provide an effective balance between the desire for innovation and ethical manner. The company seeks to responsibly promote innovation by setting high ethical standards and carrying out its activities in accordance with them.

Contact information:
Address: 3-1 Begovaya Str., Moscow 125284, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (495) 799-5699
Fax: +7 (495) 799-5698
E-mail: Commercial.Russia@astrazeneca.com
Website: www.astrazeneca.ru

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