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Research and Production Center "MAGRI"

Research and Production Center “MAGRI” was established in 2007 to develop fundamentally new, environmentally friendly and safe technologies and facilities for disinfection.

The company’s activities are aimed at minimizing the negative factors of the use of traditional means and methods of control of microorganisms, such as chemical pollution of the living environment of animals and human beings, deterioration in the quality of food, destruction of beneficial microflora and new strains of microorganisms, long and costly development cycle of new disinfectants and vaccines.

MAGRI, for the first time in the world of medical and veterinary practice, has developed a hardware and software complex “Protection”, designed to solve the task of prevention and active opposition to harmful microflora in any enclosed space.

The complex “Protection” is intended for disinfecting any enclosed spaces (all types of premises, production equipment, transport, etc.) with an “activated fog”. Its working components are water and electricity. The complex “Protection” is programmed to activate water, convert it into a fine-dispersed phase - aerosol - and fill the entire airspace of the treated areas. Activation of water is accompanied by a transition to a non-equilibrium state, characterized by anomalous properties, including anti-microbial. The water stays in the equilibrium state for a very short time, and then returns to its original state.

The complex “Protection” combines all the disinfection stages in real time mode: preparation of working components, processing of enclosed spaces and objects located therein, air environment. All this is done in accordance with a specific microbial situation, in an automated and programmable basis.

The complex performs the following functions:

  • Production of high-reactive components with a short life cycle (a few minutes).
  • Creating a fine-dispersed phase of water - activated aerosol in special accelerator blocks, giving particles high energy performance, providing enormous aerosol penetrability and instant contact with the microflora.
  • Testing of specific programs that provide univocal correspondence of the equipment operation parameters to the selected disinfection strategy, specific object and specific microflora.

A powerful computer system, a part of the hardware and software complex, estimates and optimizes the objective function of disinfection by managing all functional blocks. The system is equipped with user-friendly interface that informs the operator about the equipment operational readiness, errors or lack of the input data, completion of the work.

The company provides services for sanitary processing of facilities and equipment in the food processing industry, agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, at transport and cultural facilities with the use of new technology.

MAGRI takes an active part in the Russian and international exhibitions and contests. In the competition for the joint German-Russian research projects in the field of applied research, focused on the production and organization of cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the scientific and technical field, initiated by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology and the International Bureau (IB) of the German Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology, Berlin Institute of Microbiology and MAGRI have created the project “Optimization of disinfection of enclosed spaces with the use of “Biological complex “Protection.” According to foreign experts, such equipment not only would solve the problem of disinfection of medicine equipment and facilities, but also could be successfully used in other industries in Germany and other EU countries.

Contact information:
Address: 49, Vtoraya Komsomolskaya St., office 51, Saint-Petersburg 198264, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 921-78-89, +7 (921) 743-03-81
Fax: +7 (812) 685-58-41
E-mail: npcmagri@mail.ru
Website: www.deztuman.ru 

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