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VPK “Svyaz”

The company VPK “Svyaz” is engaged in the development and implementation of innovative energy technologies, including development of technologies in the field of energy-saving systems and equipment, which use domestic kinds of residential solid waste, medical and industrial waste as a fuel, in order to reduce the production cost of local power.

The company offers deep waste disposal technology and energy complex (gas generator), designed on the basis of this technology and generating electricity and heat from a wide range of wastes. New technology allows supplying any landfill or waste treatment plant and its infrastructure with its own autonomous heat and power. Waste processing can generate heat and electricity for sale within the municipal, township entities or individual enterprises (organizations).

This approach will reduce the estimated total load to the landfill and transportation costs, and divide the total amount of waste collected, thus increasing the ecological purity of the project.

VPK “Svyaz” technologies:

  • Waste management technology for solid domestic, agricultural, medical, biological, and industrial waste with production of heat and electricity
  • Grinding technology and briquetting of solid domestic and industrial waste
  • Fuel processing technology
  • Inverse thermal cycling technology

Contact information:
Address: 13 Utkin Passage, St. Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 584-09-64, +7 (906) 229-18-18, +7 (952) 244-16-03
E-mail: mail@antonio24.xtreemhost.com
Website: ecotex-spb.ru 

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