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Laser Center

Research and Production Company "Laser Center", founded in 2004, develops and manufactures laser fabrication equipment for laser cutting, marking, three-dimensional engraving, welding, stamping.

Laser Center brings together highly qualified professionals with unique experience in design and manufacture of laser systems, introduction of advanced laser technologies in a variety of industries. The employees are developing and implementing joint projects in the field of laser technology together with the leading industrial companies, research institutes and universities in Russia.

Laser equipment, manufactured by a company, is meant for laser marking and engraving operations, laser cutting and welding of various materials and products with high quality, precision and productivity. Laser Center’s equipment is widely used in industry, jewelry industry, advertising, etc.

Laser Center was the first Russian company to use fiber lasers for the new-generation marking apparatus. These laser systems provide high speed marking with low power consumption, absence of wear parts and long service life of equipment.

Laser Center’s services:

  • advice on the selection of the optimal laser for a specific production process;
  • specimen manufacturing on the selected equipment and optimization of the processing technology;
  • production of standard and development of specialized equipment;
  • integration of lasers in production lines;
  • creation of robotic laser systems;
  • laser cutting and marking;
  • delivery of supplies for engraving (plastics, metals, etc.);
  • training.

Due to its own fleet of laser machines and engravers in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Samara, the company can execute orders of any complexity.

Today, Laser Center is Russia′s leading manufacturer of laser marking and laser engraving systems.

Contact details:
Address: 25 Piskaryovsky Avenue, Saint Petersburg 195176, Russia
Tel.: +7 (812) 326-7892
E-mail: infos@newlaser.ru
Website: http://www.newlaser.ru

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