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New Media Ltd.

New Media Ltd. is a production company that creates interactive, social and educating Internet projects for an international children′s audience. New Media is part of the Riki Group of Companies (brands "Smeshariki", "Fixiki", etc.)

The company comes up with ideas for new projects, evaluates their viability, implements and manages the projects.

New Media is focused on the Internet and Web-oriented communication and marketing solutions. The company is mainly interested in projects for children′s audience between the ages of 4-15 years in Russia and abroad.

New Media is constantly exploring the tastes and preferences of the Runet’s children’s audience and is optimizing the existing and developing new products based on these data. One of the company priorities is localization of Internet products and their adaptation to foreign markets.

New Media has successfully developed and implemented in 2009 a project for children “Shararam in Smeshariki′s land” (www.smeshariki.ru), which consists of the entertainment portal and the virtual world for children. In 2011 a virtual world for children “Shararam in Smeshariki′s land" was awarded the national prize "Golden Teddy Bear" in the category "Internet Project of the Year."

The company has formed a team of experienced professionals in the field of web design (flash-animators, web designers, etc.), programming (3D-programmers, game developers, etc.) and creation of content for children (authors, children′s computer games script writers, etc.)

This team will be involved in new projects, including:

  • localization of network multiplayer game “Shararam in Smeshariki′s land" in foreign markets
  • creation of 3D online game “Smeshariki. Star Adventures 3D”
  • creation of 3D game based on the animated series "Fixiki"
  • launch of children′s MMORPG game based on 3D technology featuring the characters of the animated series and feature film "Smeshariki"
  • development of a portal for children (animation, movies, games, etc.)
  • formation of a single safe Internet space for children, containing entertaining and training content for children and their parents
  • expansion to the foreign markets with the assistance of local partners (China, Latin America and Europe)

Contact details:

Address: 34 Lit.A Petrogradskaya Embankment, 197101 Saint Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: +7 (812) 777-7788
E-mail: info@nw-media.ru
Website: www.smeshariki.ru

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