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Focus company was founded in 2004 in the science city of Fryazino, Moscow Region. The company started its activity with the development and manufacture of electronics for special lighting equipment. At the same time, the company conducted studies and tests in the field of optoelectronics, including energy-efficient LED lighting and alternative energy.

To date, the company experts have accumulated vast practical experience, which allows creating high-quality lighting solutions for all industries, including those with special requirements to lighting, such as oil and gas industry.

The company pays increased attention to environmental issues: it designed lamps series BIO with the specially selected emission spectrum, which provides a complete passage of photosynthesis in the stages of growth and biomass growth.

Focus provides the full production cycle - from product development to implementation. There are a lot of inventions, patents, and implemented projects in the field of energy saving and environmental protection.

The company currently manufactures:

  • outdoor LED lamps series USS-Highway
  • industrial lighting series USS and BELL (with different types of mounting and voltage)
  • indoor lighting series SPO
  • LED spotlights series PS, white and color glow
  • lamps for the needs of utilities
  • LED lamps series BIO for greenhouses
  • lighting for gas stations
  • LED car headlights
  • alternative sources of energy
  • optical systems

In its manufacturing process, Focus uses high-quality LEDs produced by Japanese corporation Nichia and German company Osram, as well as electronic components of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Focus employees have developed unique unparalleled innovative solutions:

  • temperature control system, which allows to avoid overheating
  • electronic fuse
  • LED driver controls of its own production on the basis of components of the world′s leading manufacturers

Contact details:
Address: 1 Lit.A Stantsionnaya Street, Fryazino 141190, Moscow Region, Russia
Tel.: +7 (496) 255-66-85
E-mail: info@ledsvet.ru
Website: www.ledsvet.ru

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